My new blog….. Music…..Mostly

Okay guys….. this is my new blog… its called  the lagos review my old one was razz and dead and all im going to do is to review your best hits, tell you which songs suck and which ones rock (see what i did there.. rhyme….lol) and perharps some download links for the best songs that is if them copyright boys dont come after me shaaaaa…….. soo im basically going to be talking about tracks, albums and other music realted issues even latest news……. and for those of you who know me persoonally dont worry im not going to be biased i shal take all genres ( how do you pronounce that sef) into consideration… from t-pain to timaya (ugh….. no hate). sooo here it goes….

p.s. i may ocassionally use this to vent about some serious isuues but not to worry the issues would have to be worthwhile and hopefully noooo chat. Oh!! I almost forgot, I wil start every post with a totally non- music related issue but trust it will be funny…… so im out..  its 12.26am in north carolina….. if u need to contact me @lagoskid95 or facebook. later.

oh and suggestions on new blog posts are very welcome.

yours for now,



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