One word……. OTIS

As promised i shall start with somehting non music related…… suck and grad… to all of you clueless ask a regis ss3 boy (thats us oooo, i looove saying that… ss3 hah), but as in seriously wat a stunner who wud have expected miss know-it-all to really know it all especially how to utilise mouth muscles…. well you know wat they say te quiet ones… and she was smling when nabbed……. shit!!! i shall never forget it…. shaa  just for the last time think about it…. its stii shockin shey?? noow on to music…………..


Straight from the watch the throne album by kanye west and jayz…… it is…… epic to say the least, sounding very much like the as we enter track by nas and damien marley from distanat relatives… kanye and jay went turn by turn delivering killer lines nd a soulful chorus by otis redding… i wont lie i dont kno him ooooooo. The beat of the song was continuous and sweet… remimding me of lift off ( another watch the thorne song ft. beyonce)…..who can forget kanyes mercedes punchlines which were funny and still freakin cool as in you wouldnt expect less from kanye west… and  of course jay who was full of his money with his hublots ( i swear thats the wrong selling for guys who don know its a type of watch) and his two big rolexes….. but what bothered me was the screamin  at the end as in seriously screaming it was awkward and at the same time funny… like a woma being forcefully….. shaa alll in all it was a wonderfull song and i expected nothing less from the duo…… so ill give it a 4 star..(those are bigger than i thought they would be….)……. sooo goodnight eeryone and  come back for my next review on……. oliver twist by dbanj…………

yours for now,



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